Sabătica Supports

15% of Sabătica’s annual revenue is earmarked for the Hadassah Center for Healing & Hope to support the center’s operation and services.

The Hadassah Center for Healing and Hope — for such a time as this!

Set to open in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Center’s mission is to bring healing and restoration to girls and women who have been sexually abused and forced to sex and human trafficking.

The Hadassah Center exists to provide a safe haven, transformative counseling, academic and economic opportunities. It is a conduit for emotional healing, empowerment and a dignified alternative to earn a living.

The organization purposes to:

  • Rescue girls and women from the destructive effects of sexual abuse and human trafficking.
  • Focus on dealing with not just the physical but also with the soul. The core of the program is to help the survivors deal with the emotional aspect of their past, to find healing and freedom in order to move forward in restoration and wholeness.
  • Offer academic, vocational and business opportunities through local and international partnerships.
  • Help foster hope & divine identity.
  • Affect change at the policy and judiciary level.

The Hadassah Center for Healing and Hope was conceived following a mission trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and in response to the dire need for emotional healing, physical and economic rescue for scores of girls and women who have lost loved ones, their homes and at the same time found themselves victims of sexual crimes.