Sabătica ← Sabbatical ← Sabbath

Sabătica is founded on the premise of the Sabbath rest [regularly ceasing work to rest, contemplate and delight in the fruit of our labor]. It is not a church or affiliated with any one church or place of worship. However, while we acknowledge other teachings and philosophies, our vision and mission are firmly framed by a biblical view.


Our vision is to actuate intentional living and to promote
a culture of balance between work and sabbatical rest.


Our mission is to facilitate immediate respite for all who are tired and weary.

Are you ready to set sail with us?


Raising The Main Sail — Sound Waters 2014

2 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Mac Josselin says:


    I am so excited about Sabatica!!! Even looking at the website is CALMING!!! lol. Love the simplicity of it. I’m looking forward to planning my Unplugged Retreats with Sabatica! This is not just serving a want— it’s a need that transcends all races, gender and social statuses! Let’s all get ready to set sail! 😉

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    • sabaticallc says:

      Mac, you’ve summed it up perfectly…it is a need that transcends all races, gender and social statuses! I’m glad you find the site calming. I am already working on our first “unplugged retreat” – I can’t wait to share the details and the experience with you. Thank you so much for your support :-)!!!!


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