Sabătica FOCUS on: Sarina Fiorita, Pilates

Sarina-PicIf you were to meet Sarina without any prior knowledge of her background, you would not instantly think she was a professional fitness instructor; but don’t let her petite frame and gentle demeanor deceive you, for she is a powerhouse.

Sarina Fiorita is a Certified Personal Trainer with numerous certifications in Pilates, Aerobic, Kickboxing, Weight Training and Spinning, among others. She works with men and women, young and old.

A former professional ballroom dancer and competitor, today Sarina trains clients privately and teaches group classes at the Jewish Community Center (JCC). In 2005, she released her first exercise video, Pilates with Sarina, wanting to offer a series of workout routines that were easy and safe for everyone and which could be practiced every day.

Sarina is passionate about health and fitness, especially Pilates, which method she wants to bring to everyone, to encourage body awareness and endurance. She is equally enthusiastic about nutrition and wants to promote a stronger, healthier and happier life for all.

We are so excited to have Sarina help us start our first full day at the retreat with an early morning session of Pilates on the green. She will not only help stretch your sleeping muscles but her class coupled with the fresh morning dew and the beautiful lush surrounding, will certainly awaken your spirit to receive everything the day will have to offer.

It might be a bit hard to get up extra early but you definitely don’t want to miss Sarina’s class; unless you want some personal and reflective time on the trails. Otherwise, make your selection on the registration form and see you on the green, first thing Saturday morning.

Sabătica Class Info: Core.dinating Body, Mind & Spirit

Sarina’s Contact Info



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